New Klein Model K650 with New 2022 CAT 730-04A Chassis

The Klein model K650 trap tank is a 6,000+ gallon water truck tank system designed for heavy duty, off highway applications in operating conditions of construction and excavation where water for compaction and dust control is essential. The innovative Klein TRAP tank system makes this work truck the ultimate for job site and operator safety.

The Klein K650 tank system on this Caterpillar 730-04A LWB (long wheel base) chassis platform makes this work truck package the leading choice for any construction, quarry, landfill or other operator working in construction, excavation, dust control or compaction application. Equipped with innovative Klein-branded water pump and water discharge equipment, this reliable work water truck provides extraordinary performance and safe functionality.

This truck is available NOW for custom K650 tank equipment specification and upfit.

Call now. Let your knowledgeable Klein rep explain all the details on this great heavy duty water truck package.


  • Availability: One Available
  • Last Updated: March 30, 2022
Chassis Make: CAT
Chassis Model: 730-04A
Model Year: 2022, New, Unused
Status: New
Tank: Klein
Model: K650
Capacity: 6,000+ US Gallons, Approx.
Klein S/N: 43990-C
FOB: Jacksonville, TX

Summary of Main Chassis Specification

Configuration: 6×6 AWD. CAT Long Wheel Base Model (LWB)
Engine: CAT C13. 375HP. T4F
Transmission: 5×31 5 speed automatic
Rated Payload: 31 ton (US)
Brakes: Disc Brakes
Fuel Tank: Filler, Fast Fuel or Standard Fill
Tires: 750/65r25 YH**RT31 E-3


Value Added Options/Features (CAT Factory Arrangement Numbers)

  • 485-1709 730-04A Articulated Truck
  • 421-8926 Serialized Technical Media Kit
  • 488-0550 Film Group, ISO
  • OP-9003 Lane 3 Order
  • 480-1973 No Roof Lights
  • 480-1971 No Machine Security System
  • 497-9403 No Rear Wiper
  • 480-1980 AM/FM Radio (Bluetooth Ready)
  • 500-5947 Mirror, Electric Heated
  • 485-0330 Seat, Standard
  • 566-5659 Seat Belt, W/Indication
  • 462-5039 Standard Cab
  • 481-8888 Product Link, Cellular PLE641
  • 485-0336 No Payload
  • 517-1808 Filler, Fast Fuel
  • 564-5924 Tires, 750/65r25 YH**RT31 E-3
  • 502-7483 No Sound Suppression
  • 563-9782 Row Engine Arrangement
  • 502-9603 Aid, Cold Weather Starting
  • 503-7289 Chassis, Long Wheel Base
  • 578-2329 Exhaust, Standard
  • 363-7685 Beacon, LED
  • 364-4045 Group, Ether
  • 381-0102 Heater, Engine Coolant, 120V
  • 320-5940 Fuel Additive, Anti Wax
  • 381-0094 Antifreeze, -50C (-58F)
  • OP-9902 Roll On-Roll Off


  • Detailed chassis specification available upon request
  • Weight Study/CG calculations available upon request

 main tank equipment features

Tank: Klein, Trap Design
Model: K650
Capacity: 6,000-6,500 approx. U.S. Gallons (Approx.)


discharge package

Water Pump: Klein KP4H510.5
Pump Drive System: SmartSpray® technology for CAT articulated trucks
Rear Spray: Two (2) right/left Klein combination sprayhead fan discharges
Side Spray: Two (2) side jet discharge sprays
Front Spray: Available as option.
Control Module: Klein standard pedestal mounted switch control
Suction Loading: Available as option.
Gravity: Available as option.
Hose Reel: Available as option.
Turret Monitor: Available as option.


tank Features

Stability: PFC Precision Flow Control Load Stabilization System.
Head/Baffle Design: Flanged Tank Bulkheads. Trap shape.
Fenders: Tank integrated. Flanged, welded. Mudflaps.
Fender Undercoating: Available as option.
Fill Line: Available as option.
Fill Line Options: Options available.
Mounting Hardware: Rear pin & front bolster. Flexible design.
Manhole: 30″ with screen
Manhole Options: Available as option.
Sight Glass: Available as option.
Low Water Drain Package: Available as option.
Kleinview Rear Camera: Available as option.
Work Lights: Available as option.
Rotating Lights: Available as option.
Liquid Level Indicator, Electronic: Available as option.

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