New Klein Model K200 with New 2019 Ford F750 4×2 Air Brake Chassis

The Klein model K200 Trap tank is a 2,000-gallon water truck tank system designed for on and off highway use in operating conditions of general construction and excavation where water for compaction and dust control is essential. The innovative Klein TRAP tank system makes this work truck the ultimate for job site and operator safety.

The Klein K200 tank system on this reliable and economical Ford F750 4×2 Air Brake chassis platform makes this work truck package the leading choice for any general construction or other water truck application. Equipped with innovative Klein-branded water pump and water discharge equipment, this reliable work water truck provides extraordinary performance and safe functionality.

The truck chassis features Ford diesel engine and Ford automatic transmission.

This truck is available NOW for immediate delivery with equipment specified.

Call now. Let your knowledgeable Klein representative explain all the details on this great heavy duty water truck package.


  • Availability: This unit has been sold. Additional similar units available. Consult factory for details.
  • Last Updated: October 26, 2020
Chassis Make: Ford
Chassis Model: F750 4×2 Air Brake
Model Year: 2019, New, Unused
Status: New
Tank: Klein
Model: K200
Capacity: 2,000 US Gallons, Approx.
Klein S/N: Consult with Klein rep
FOB: Jacksonville, TX

Summary of Main Chassis Specification

Engine: Ford 6.7L, Diesel
Transmission: Ford Torque shift/HD Auto
GVWR: 33,000 lbs (Can be re-rated to 25,999. Consult Klein rep)
Front Axle: 12,000 lbs
Front Suspension: Heavy Duty Springs
Rear Axle: 21,000 lbs
Rear Suspension: Heavy Duty Springs
Brakes: Full Air. Drum Style.
Frame: Heavy Duty
Fuel Tank: 50 Gallon
Tires, Front: 11R22.5G
Wheels, Front: Powder Coated Steel
Tires, Rear: 11R22.5G
Wheels, Rear: Powder Coated Steel
Exterior Color: White


Value Added Options/Features

  • Front tow hooks
  • Electric window lifts
  • AM/FM radio


  • Detailed chassis specification available upon request
  • Weight Study/CG calculations available upon request
  • Chassis gradability reports & shift split charts available upon request

 main tank equipment features

Tank: Klein, Trap Design
Model: K200
Capacity: 2,000 approx. U.S. Gallons (Approx.)


discharge package

Water Pump: Klein KP3FL, 900 GPM
Pump Drive System: PTO drive from transmission mounted PTO. 1310 Series driveline.
Rear Spray: Two (2) right/left Klein combination sprayhead fan discharges
Side Spray: One (1) driver side. Passenger side spray available as option. Klein sidejet sprayhead discharges.
Front Spray: Two (2) right/left Klein combination sprayhead fan discharges
Control Module: Standard Klein manual air actuated control panel
Suction Loading: No.
Gravity: No.
Hose Reel: Available as option.
Pressure Outlet Group: Yes. One 1.5″ with valve and one 3/4″ ball valve.
Turret Monitor: No.


tank equipment

Subframe: Subframe pan. Contains payload.
Baffles: PFC Precision Flow Control Load Stabilization System
Head/Baffle Design: Flanged Tank Bulkheads
Fenders: Tank integrated. Flanged, welded. Mudflaps.
Fender Undercoating: Available as option.
Fill Line: Yes. 2.5″ Rear mounted.
Fill Line Options: Standard with Cam Lock Fitting
Mounting Hardware: HD flex mounts
Manhole: 30″
Manhole Options: Trash screen
Sight Glass: Yes. Front and Rear of tank.
Low Water Drain Package: Yes.
Kleinview Rear Camera: Available as option.
Work Lights: Available as option.
Rotating Lights: Available as option.
Liquid Level Indicator, Electronic: No.

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