Special Purpose

Klein Products is the unrivaled industry leader when it comes to water distribution equipment for mining and construction applications, but that’s far from all we do. Whether we’re designing and manufacturing tank equipment for world’s largest articulated airport crash rescue vehicle, a 450-ton mobile ladle carrier for transporting molten steel, or portable fuel storage tanks for automobile race tracks, the Klein Products team rises to any challenge.

In addition to developing custom products for any project, we offer a variety of special purpose equipment, including fire fighting vehicles, fuel and lube vehicles, semitrailer tankers, high-pressure washers, tanker trailers and beyond. Some of our most popular special purpose products include:

  • Klein Fuel/Lube (KFL) Tanks/Trucks
  • Klein Fuel (KF) Tanks/Trucks
  • Klein Fire Tender (KFT)
  • Klein Road Runner (KRR)
  • Klein Truck Trailer (KTT)

Coming soon..