Off Highway Truck Tank, Rigid

Off Highway Rigid

When you’re taking on the rugged terrain of construction and mining environments, you need water tanks built for safety, strength, durability and performance. Our cutting-edge tank systems for off-highway, rigid-frame trucks deliver all that and more.

Founded in 1957, Klein Products has a proven history of providing high-quality tank systems for trucks around the world. Our industry-leading innovations are frequently imitated — but never equaled.

  • Patented TRAP tank shape (a Klein Products innovation) for improved capacity, durability and weight distribution. Enhanced safety through a lower center of gravity and increased visibility.
  • Built with custom Klein Products components developed to address the specific challenges of water distribution in heavy construction and mining environments
  • Precision Flow Control (PFC) baffling system that allows maximum water output while maintaining complete load movement control

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Standard Features

  • Klein Products sprayhead valve combination
  • Premium branded hydraulic hoses
  • TRAP shape tank
  • LED sealed light modules
  • Access ladder
  • TRAM tank top fall restraint system
  • Manhole access
  • Klein Products remote control cannon (turret monitor)
  • Side spray
  • Precision Flow Control (PFC) baffling
  • Fenders, tank integrated
  • Klein Products water pump
  • Hydraulic system truck integration
  • Access ladder (various options available)

Available with ours/yours chassis or as a kit that ships economically