Off Highway Articulated

Even the most extreme mining and construction conditions are no match for a Klein Products tank. Since 1957, we’ve been developing innovative, high-quality water distribution equipment solutions with a proven, worldwide track record of success. Our products are frequently imitated by our competitors, but we remain the undisputed leader in our industry.

Developed specifically for off-highway applications, our cutting-edge tank systems for articulated-frame trucks offer a combination of safety, structural strength, durability and on-the-job performance you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Patented TRAP tank shape (a Klein Products innovation) for improved capacity, durability and weight distribution. Enhanced safety through a lower center of gravity and increased visibility.
  • Built with custom Klein Products components developed to address the specific challenges of water distribution in heavy construction and mining environments
  • Precision Flow Control (PFC) baffling system that allows maximum water output while maintaining complete load movement control

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    Standard Features

    • Klein Products sprayhead valve combination
    • Premium branded hydraulic hoses
    • TRAP shape tank
    • LED sealed light modules
    • Access ladder
    • TRAM tank top fall restraint system
    • Manhole access
    • Rotating light
    • Improved visibility
    • Precision Flow Control (PFC) baffling
    • Fenders, tank integrated
    • Precision Flow Control (PFC) baffling
    • Fenders, tank integrated
    • Klein Products water pump
    • Hydraulic system truck integration
    • Heavy-duty stinger extension
    • Cab interior mounted controls

    Available with ours/yours chassis or as a kit that ships economically