Meet Nico

Nico Mortensen: Product Expert, BBQ King and Billiards Champion

As Klein Products’ product support sales representative, Nico Mortensen wears many hats. If you want training on how to use one of our parts or final assemblies, Nico’s always ready to share his expertise. If equipment isn’t working as expected, Nico never hesitates to step up to troubleshoot. And if new parts are in order, Nico’s there to make the sale.

Nico stops at nothing to make sure our customers always have the reliable products and solutions they deserve.

But that’s not all — here are a few other great things you might not know about Nico:

  • Before he joined Klein Products, Nico finessed his customer service skills through 10 years of sales and supervisory positions in the big box retail industry.
  • Nico enjoys playing pool, and he runs a billiards team one night a week.
  • As a Southern California resident, Nico is no stranger to nice weather, so for his wedding, he set the bar even higher and got married on the beautiful shores of Hawaii.
  • Nico got his start at Klein Products as a shipping/receiving clerk and then transitioned into our shop — where he worked on final assemblies doing everything from building pumps to fabricating/fitting and wiring — prior to stepping into his current position.
  • Everyone eats well when Nico’s around — he can often be found cooking and barbecuing.


“Perfection may not be attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

— Vince Lombardi