Klein Lori

Meet Lori

Meet Our ‘On-Time Shipments Extraordinaire’

If you’ve been keeping up with our e-blasts, you know we’ve been introducing some pretty extraordinary members of our team. Next up is Lori Frenes — the reason you can count on your Klein Products parts arriving on time, every time.

As Klein Products’ parts sales manager, Lori Frenes oversees the parts department, warehouse, parts-related customer service and parts purchasing for all Klein Products final assemblies built in California. With Lori around, no phone call goes unanswered, no concern goes unresolved and no order goes out late.

Here’s a few other fun facts you might not know about Lori:

  • Lori loves spending time with her husband and two sons.
  • Every night she makes a separate dinner for each of her family members so they never have to eat anything they don’t like.
  • Lori began her Klein Products career in customer service for our parts department in 2006 and was promoted to parts sales manager in 2011.
  • Lori can watch the same movies over and over without getting tired of them — her family has even tried to stop her by hiding her favorite ones, but she just tells them she’ll go buy a new copy.
  • When telling her co-workers and friends how to get somewhere, Lori’s directions are always based on which fast food restaurants are nearby.

All the roads that lead to success have to pass through Hard Work Boulevard at some point.”

—Eric Thomas