Klein Unveils Model K400SS-TD: A One-of-a-Kind, Innovative Dual-Purpose Water Truck

Revolutionizing Insulator Cleaning and Dust Management with Cutting-Edge Technology

Model K400SS-TD Dual Purpose Water Truck

Model K400SS-TD Dual Purpose Water Truck

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Klein Products, in collaboration Kenworth Truck Company, Papé Kenworth, and a major utility company operating across Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho, proudly introduce the Klein Model K400SS-TD. This cutting-edge water tank truck system is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of cleaning high-wire high-voltage insulators at the top of support towers in remote and harsh environments, while also performing dust control and compaction operations on demand.

We’re excited to introduce the Model K400SS-TD, featuring dual-purpose functionality and a durable stainless steel tank for severe conditions.”

— Barry McMannus

The Klein Model K400SS-TD was developed in response to a major utility customer’s request for a specialized truck. The customer needed an all-wheel-drive vehicle capable of severe off-road operations, featuring a low center of gravity, a stainless steel constructed 4,000-gallon water tank, and the capacity to deliver 600 PSI at an elevation of 200 feet. This versatile dual-purpose water truck was custom-designed and engineered to clean insulators and perform dust control/compaction operations.

To bring this vision to life, Klein, Kenworth, and Papé Kenworth orchestrated a strategic collaboration to ensure all specifications were met. This partnership focused on tailoring the truck to meet exacting specifications, including optimal chassis dimensions facilitating perfected weight distribution and the absolute lowest possible center of gravity to enhance job site and operator safety in severe conditions.

The truck features a robust Kenworth T880 chassis, powered by a 500HP@1850 ft-lb. Cummins engine with an Allison 4700RDS – 7-speed main transmission and a Fuller AT1202, 2-speed auxiliary transmission. The integration of the E-Z Trac hydrostatic front drive axle and Tire Boss inflation system chosen over the typical 6×6 configuration for improved traction, helps maintain a low center of gravity while ensuring superior maneuverability and stability.

Equipped with dual water discharge pumps, including a high-pressure CAT pump and a high-volume Klein pump, the Klein Model K400SS-TD uses a custom-engineered hydraulic system design allowing seamless switching between tasks of dual water pump operations. The truck’s sophisticated control panel, designed to operate both pump systems efficiently, supports the Klein SmartSpray® system, ensuring consistent or variable water discharge, independent of truck speed, thus optimizing water usage and reducing operational costs.

Delivered in November 2023, the custom water truck exceeded the utility company’s stringent requirements. Additional features include two custom hitches for various trailer types and suction loading capabilities, enhancing its versatility and reducing dependence on municipal water sources.

About Klein Products:
Established in 1957, Klein Products leads the way in water truck and water distribution equipment innovation, design, and manufacturing. Celebrated for its commitment to innovation and reliability, Klein consistently introduces cutting-edge advancements to meet the ever-changing needs of the utilities and construction industries. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology and adhering to stringent quality standards, Klein Products ensures its equipment excels in demanding environments, delivering exceptional performance. The company’s proactive adoption of new technologies and continuous refinement of existing designs highlight its dedication to surpassing industry expectations and enhancing customer satisfaction. As the industries evolve, Klein remains committed to developing solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water management tasks. For more information see KleinProducts.com.

About Papé Kenworth:
Papé Kenworth provides reliable, durable trucking solutions that enable customers to meet critical operational demands. With a legacy spanning 85 years, Papé Kenworth is committed to enhancing uptime with high-quality equipment, comprehensive maintenance services, and unparalleled customer support. This fourth-generation family-owned business stands as a testament to enduring dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation in the transportation industry.

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