Hurricane Bravo

When you’ve got a job to do, waiting around for water is a waste of valuable time and money. At Klein Products, we’ve been developing proven water distribution equipment solutions for customers around the world since 1957. And time and again, our products have set the new industry standard.

The Hurricane Bravo™ — one of our many innovations designed to improve efficiency and results in dirt-moving operations — is an engine-driven, high-volume pump system that makes it easy to quickly fill watering equipment all day long. It is 100 percent self-contained and 100 percent portable, and it can pump from a natural lake, pond or man-made reservoir in less than four feet of water.

  • Delivers water at a staggering rate of 5,000 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Efficiently pumps from any natural or manmade lake, pond or reservoir — with only a 4-foot water depth required
  • Portable, self-contained, and built for fast, simple setup
  • Can be hauled on an equipment trailer as a legal non-permit load and transported, moved and set up with a standard pickup truck on the job site
  • Provides long-lasting quality in even the most extreme environments

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Standard Features

  • 5,000 gpm water pump with heavy-duty cast iron pump bowl, bronze impeller, oil-lubricated bearings, extreme service seal system and self-cleaning galvanized suction screen
  • Four-cylinder diesel engine with radiator and radiator guard, 12-volt electrical system, dry-type air cleaner, muffler, low-oil/high-temp auto shutdown system, alternator, fuel filter, lubrication oil pump, rubber engine mounts and locking-type throttle
  • Clutch with easy manual shift capabilities to enable quick, safe pump engagement/disengagement
  • 28-gallon capacity aluminized steel, portable fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Lockable control panel with key switch start, tachometer, hour meter, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, amp meter and engine angle indicator
  • Heavy-duty industrial battery, group 27C, minimum 675 CCA, with non-corrosive protective enclosure
  • Trailer chassis constructed of heavy-duty rectangular structural steel tubing
  • 2-foot ball-type hitch coupler with safety chains
  • 6,000-pound capacity axle with leaf suspension
  • Automatic trailer bearing lubrication system
  • On/off highway tires and wheels
  • Heavy-duty, front-mounted trailer chassis jack system with 1,400-pound capacity winch and swivel sand shoe
  • Right- and left-side multi-position support legs with swivel sand shoe
  • Completely self-contained 12-foot steel discharge piping with hinged anti-vacuum downspout
  • Polyvinyl discharge hose
  • Piping mast constructed of heavy-duty rectangular structural steel tubing
  • Discharge pipe guide/support wires
  • 16-ounce pump oil reservoir visual indicator
  • Heavy-duty 1310 Series driveline
  • One color of your choice; polyurethane enamel
  • Two each parts, maintenance and operation manuals
  • Adjustable side support legs and front leg jack system makes setup easy on any terrain


  • 12-foot steel discharge pipe with hinged spout and self-contained design enables convenient, easy conversion from transport position to operating position
  • Precision-manufactured, balanced water pump facilitates consistent high-quality performance and low-cost maintenance
  • Large, 28-gallon fuel tank, complete with a fuel-level gauge, provides enough fuel for a full day of continuous pump usage
  • Hitch-coupler safety chains, heavy-duty guards for driveline and engine flywheel, and protective battery cover promote safe equipment operation
  • Anti-vandalism control panel with lockable enclosure helps prevent unauthorized use of pump

Optional Features

  • Suction pipe extension
  • Choice of popular engines
  • Corrosion-resistance treatment of internal waterway
  • Corrosion-resistance treatment of entire exterior of pump, piping, frame and mast
  • Four-point lifting harness kit
  • Highway kit: fenders, lights, etc.
  • Electric motor powered pump
  • Emergency spare parts kit
  • Export preparation

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