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The Texas Manufacturing FacilityThe Texas Manufacturing Facility

Our factory is located in Jacksonville, TX. Approximately 90 miles east of Dallas, TX. This facility consists of close to 80,000 square feet of under roof working space situated on 30 acres. This exceptional, state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility includes dedicated workspace for all aspects of our unique processes. Manufacturing machinery includes turnkey capabilities to cut, form, forge and fabricate heavy steel. Our own precision machining and test equipment guarantee quality throughout every stage.


Complete engineering services. Our 5 person full time staff of designers and CAD technicians provides cutting edge designs and precision drawings for all aspects of the manufacturing process for everything we produce. In addition to the complete design-to-build engineering process, our staff also delivers professional, precise easy to read parts, service, installation and sales related drawings and manuals.
CAD/CAM technology facilitates a network link between our engineering dept and computer aided machinery on shop floor. The utilization of this modern, efficient technology ensures the highest quality, precision made parts and components at the lowest possible per piece price.
Consult with one of our knowledgeable Klein sales representatives today to find out how we can design and engineer your hard to manufacture, specialized piece of equipment.


Shearing. Shear cut plate to .75".
Burning and cutting. We are equipped with CNC plasma plate cutting and CNC plasma shape cutting technologies. Our plates and our parts with shapes are always cut cleanly, precisely and efficiently.
Rolling. Two (2) hydraulic actuated pyramid rolls to roll form plate steel up to .75" thick. Lengths to 15 ft.
Breaking. 230-ton press break to bend plate steel to 14’ lengths.

Press BreakFlanging. We roll flange steel plate. All Klein tanks are constructed using flanged tank heads and baffles. A flanged tank head is 5 times stronger at the tank head/tank skin connection and therefore superior to competitive "flat, non flanged heads". We have the capability to roll flange round, oval and multiple radius modified ellipse tank heads to over 25’ widths. Our flanging equipment is unique, state-of-the-art equipment. We designed and manufactured it ourselves to perform to our specific needs and to our high quality standards. We know of no other Company in the world that can roll form flanged heads to the sizes and various shapes that we have the capability to do. This capability enables us to design High quality, flanged headed tanks in the correct shape and size to accommodate all makes and models of prime mover chassis suitable to utilize our equipment.


Crane. Overhead crane capacity to 40 ton. 32’ hook height. Our crane equipment of this capacity permits us to economically position, maneuver and construct extremely large equipment, machines or attachments common in the mining Industry.   Welding
Fit up. Our fit up and assembly shops are all equipped with specially designed and constructed tooling and jig fixtures to facilitate perfect and efficient fit ups of all our standard products.  
Welding. We weld mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our welders are experienced craftsmen who take pride in constructing superior quality water distributing equipment.  

Machine Shop

We are a unique company in the industry we work as we design and manufacture our own water pumps, valves, discharge components and related accessories. These items are specifically designed for the severe operating conditions of heavy construction and mining. Klein parts and components are used all over the world and have been field tested and proven in the most severe operating conditions. Using computer aided design techniques and computer aided machining processes we design and machine our own parts to our own uncompromising, precise standards.

CNC vertical mill  
Machine Shop
CNC horizontal mill  
CNC lathe  
3 ea Bridgeport manual mills  
3 ea manual lathes  
Radial drill  
Various saws  

Paint Department

Our paint department is staffed with over 75 combined years of experience in heavy equipment painting. Our paint booth was custom built to accommodate our specialized, custom made equipment. Our preparation, application and safety equipment is state-of-the-art, modern equipment designed to produce the high quality finish you would expect from the world wide leader in water equipment manufacturing.

Pressure wash and steam clean dept.   Paint examples
Sand blast dept. includes large capacity booth.  
Paint dept. includes custom made large capacity booth.  
Complete detail shop.  
Custom decal and labeling shop.  

Parts, Warehousing Department

We stock and warehouse over 3,000 different part numbers related to our products. Inventory close to $1 million value. Parts shipments or Will Calls can be made from either of our two warehouses. One in Texas in the U.S. Central time zone and One in California in the U.S. Pacific time zone. Emergency and expediting shipments available.

The California Customer Service Facility

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