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Unique Projects

World’s largest articulated airport crash- rescue vehicle. Klein Products, Inc. in conjunction with Caterpillar Tractor and The United States Government, designed and manufactured a 13,000 U.S. gallon capacity Crash-Rescue vehicle for the C-5A military program. We designed and manufactured the tank and discharge equipment.

World's largest articulated airport crash-rescue vehicle

Compost turning machine. Built for California Mushroom Co. This unusual, custom built machine incorporated a modified back hoe installed on a Hyster lumber carrier. This machine would straddle rows of manure and straw and turn over this material during compost process without allowing it to cause spontaneous combustion.

Mobile concrete receiver/transport vehicleMobile concrete receiver/ transport vehicle. To facilitate improved production in the construction of the Feather River Canal and San Luis Dam in Northern California, Klein Products, Inc. designed and manufactured a mobile concrete receiver/ transport vehicle. Built on Caterpillar D6 undercarriages this unique vehicle received hot concrete and fed the concrete skreat which lined the canal.

Feed lot watering equipment. A Cattle company had a problem with feed lot dust causing lung and respiratory problems with the feeder cattle. Klein solved the problem by designing a machine that traveled very slowly between the feed lot pens and delivered a misty "rain’ evenly and consistently from 1 foot to 250 feet away from machine. This "rain" prevented dust and the subsequent lung problems. The unique design of this vehicle enabled complete coverage of feed lot in one pass.

Mobile Ladle CarrierMobile Ladle Carrier. Klein Products, Inc. in conjunction with the late Richard D. Klein designed and manufactured a huge 450 ton mobile ladle carrier. Designed for Ford Motor Company, this unique machine transported hot, molten steel in steel mills.

Quick lube pit equipment. Klein Products, Inc. in conjunction with our Nations major oil companies and various contractors, designed, manufactured and installed oil tanks, structural steel and other lube/fuel equipment in the original "quick-lube" oil changing business.

Gypsum loading machineGypsum loading machine. Very unique, custom built machine designed to travel at slow speeds while scooping up uncrushed gypsum from wind rows, transporting with conveyor into a rock crusher being towed by a loading machine. Built around a Michigan loader as the prime mover vehicle.

Portable fuel storage/ discharge tanks for Automobile race tracks. Klein Products, Inc. designed and manufactured above ground, quick fueling, discharge tank systems for The Ontario Motor Speedway. These tanks provided quick fuel recovery to race cars during races in pit row.

Self-loading scraperSelf- loading scraper. During the time others invented the "paddle wheel" type scraper, all the designs were focused around new carry all scraper units that provided a false floor to remove or dump their dirt load. Klein came up with a design to convert a standard bowl scraper to a paddle wheel scraper utilizing a paddle wheel system that moved on a track that would put the system out of the way for a standard tail gate to push the dirt load out of the bowl. Thus not requiring owners of standard scrapers the need to purchase a complete new machine. Klein built several models to fit Caterpillar, Wabco, Allis Chalmers and Clark Michigan scrapers.

Military "air drop" water equipmentMilitary "air drop" water equipment. Klein Products, Inc. in conjunction with Caterpillar Tractor and The United States Government designed and manufactured self contained, mobile water tankers and discharge equipment attached to Caterpillar tractors to be dropped out of Military aircraft in support of our Countries military men and women in war time war zones.


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