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The Porto-Tower™The Porto-Tower®. The Klein Porto-Tower® revolutionized dirt contracting. This mobile, self-contained quick discharge water tower system changed the way contractors did their job forever and in the process has saved owners millions of dollars. The Porto-Tower® today is the industry standard and the superior product in its class. See more of this product in the Products section of this website.

The tractor-scraper conversion tankerThe tractor-scraper conversion tanker. Commonly know today as a "water pull". We pioneered the conversion of a tractor scraper to a tractor tanker. Other types of water distributors were being used of course but the concept of converting any brand of tractor scraper to a water tanker by utilizing the existing prime mover power unit and rear end and replacing the scraper bowl with a tanker was a Klein First! Today tractor scraper conversion tankers are still a very popular water distributor machine. Visit our products section of this web site to learn more about our Tractor scraper conversion tanker product line.

The New LookThe New Look. In the early years, 1950’s to early 1960’s, water distributor tank systems were either round or rectangle. Klein was the first to introduce a tank shape that was a modified elliptical shape. This new look provided more gallons per inch than a round tank and proved to be a much stronger tank than a square or rectangle shape. Today, the dual radius, modified elliptical shape is the industry standard.

The Hurricane Pump®. As time went by, prime mover tractors kept getting bigger. Naturally, our tankers also got bigger to accommodate the bigger tractors. The amount of time it took to recover the water distributor tankers became an issue with the contractors. The big machines were great but they took too long to recover. Klein introduced the Hurricane® pump in the mid 1960’s. The Hurricane Pump® is a high volume, portable, completely self-contained water distributor filling water pump. With a high volume filling capacity of as much as 5000 U. S. gallons per minute the Hurricane Pump® dramatically improved the productivity of high volume water distributors. More information on the all new Hurricane® Bravo High Volume pump is in the products section of our web site.

Early version (left) and modern version (right) of the Hurricane®

Diaphragm Actuated Globe Valve. Klein was the first to use a diaphragm actuated globe valve as a means to control water flow on a mobile water distributor tank system. We pioneered its use on our equipment. Today the valve is by far the most common used valve on water distributors. Literally tens of thousands of this type of valve have been in service on water distributors. We manufacture a full line of these valves and ship them to water equipment users all over the world.

Fan Spray Discharge. Klein introduced the first mass produced, fully adjustable without tools, fan type spray head. Today, the fan type spray head is the industry standard.

Fan Spray Discharge

Close-coupled Water Pumps. Klein was the first to use a close-coupled, hydraulic driven water pump on water distributors. We introduced our first close coupled water pump back in the 1970’s. The Klein close-coupled water pump has been field tested and proven all over the world and is considered by many as the superior product available. Today, only water distributors using close-coupled water pumps are considered to be high quality, cutting edge systems.

Close-coupled Water Pump

Side Jet Spray Discharge. Klein developed a unique spray head nozzle designed to be installed on the sides of water distributing vehicles. This side jet spray delivered the perfect combination of water pressure and water volume. It’s productive spray pattern is great for watering slopes, banks and stock piles. Because of it’s unique configuration and performance, this item was patented and today remains one of our most popular discharge spray heads.

Side Jet Spray Discharge

Payload balancing system. Off-road mining trucks continue to get bigger and bigger in size and capacity. Our water tank distributor systems continue to get bigger in size and capacity to keep pace with the truck prime mover chassis payload capacity. As the payload gets bigger the "safe" center of gravity and "safe" weight/load distribution of our tank systems becomes more challenging. To facilitate the absolute lowest CG and safest weight/load distribution Klein designed the payload balancing system for large capacity off-highway truck tank systems. This break through design enables the tank system to unload rear and front compartments separately as required in severe terrain ensuring maximum safety, lowest CG and best weight/load distribution.

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